True Note Videography

True Note Media is honored with the trust our clients’ place in us when documenting, what is often, the most important event of their lives—The Wedding Day. By balancing subtle nuances and sharp attention to detail, Chris and his team skillfully illustrate the story of your romance by capturing the myriad of magical moments that make a marriage.

Clients can choose from one of our packages and personalize them with additional upgrades / add-ons.

  • Documentary Film Package
  • $2,220
  • 6 consecutive Hours of Coverage
  • 1 cinematographer
  • Documentary Film
  • Edited clips of ceremony + speeches
  • Flash Drive with Documentary Film + Speeches (in High Definition quality)
  • Online Streaming of highlight video (great for sharing!)
  • Highlight Film Package
  • $2,895
  • 8 consecutive hours coverage
  • 2 cinematographers
  • Highlight Film (4-6 mins)
  • Edited clips of ceremony + speeches
  • Flash Drive with Highlight Film + Speeches (in High Definition quality)
  • Online Streaming of highlight video (great for sharing!)
  • Full Feature Film Package
  • $3,775
  • 8 consecutive hours coverage
  • 3 cinematographers
  • Full Feature Film (12-15 mins)
  • Edited clips of ceremony + speeches
  • Flash Drive with Full Feature Film + Speeches + Ceremony(in High Definition quality)
  • Online Streaming of full feature video (great for sharing!)

Additional Options/Upgrades:

Full Ceremony ($500): Ceremony edited in its entirety with multiple angles. $500 (add-on only)

Same-Day-Edit ($1,500): A same day edit is a great way to impress your guests! Throughout the day we edit your wedding film in time to show at your reception! (*SDE requires @ least 4 hours of editing time AFTER ceremony before film can be shown) (add-on only)

Custom Slide Show ($2 per photo): Animated slide show edited to music of your choice.

Love Story ($1,500): Whether you just got engaged, you want to save the date, it’s your anniversary, or ii you’re just a fun couple that wants.

to make a film! This is your opportunity to share your story with all of your friends and family.

Raw Footage ($500): All of the raw and un-edited footage organized and delivered on a hard drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Documentary Edit?

A documentary edit is a copy of everything True Note Media shot on your wedding day. We still put time into polishing every clip and making sure there are smooth transitions in between shots. We also cut down any down-time. It is then synched up with the natural audio. All in all, you get a semi-edited version of your entire wedding day with multiple angles, synched audio, and

What is a Highlight Film?

A highlight film is a great way to highlight the important parts of your wedding day. It is edited down to approximately 3-4 minutes and is accompanied with one song and natural audio sound bites (such as speeches, vows, etc.) This video is great for online streaming, which you would receive a link to share to your friends & family.

What is a Full Feature Film?

A full feature film is a longer video than the highlight film, about 10-15 minutes in length. It highlights the important parts of your wedding day but with additional scenes and more natural audio bites. This is perfect if you want an extended version of your highlight film to relive other parts of your wedding day in an edited & polished format that is presentable.

What is a Same-Day-Edit?

A same day edit is a great way to impress your guests! It is a great addition to any package and is worth your while. We put together an amazing highlight film of your wedding day just in time to show to all your guests at the reception. (*SDE requires 4 hours of ample editing time after the ceremony)

What is the difference between a same day edit and highlight film?

The same day edit is meant to be shown at the reception, the day of your wedding. The highlight film is delivered later with the rest of your customized package. Essentially, they both are highlighting bits and pieces of your wedding day, except a SDE is available day of to show to guests. The highlight video provides a more extensive highlight since we are able to include footage from the reception.

Do you offer raw footage?

We sure do. Raw footage is different from the documentary film because it is entirely unedited. We will still organize it for you in a way that is presentable. However, we do not take the time to add transitions and cut to different angles. It is purely raw footage accompanied with audio.

What comes on the Flash Drive?

The flash drive includes whatever package you end up choosing plus any additional upgrades you choose. If you choose the documentary package, it will include the documentary film and edited clips of speeches. Highlight package flash drives include the highlight film and speeches. The full feature would include speeches, highlight film, and full feature film.